What Is A Chill Shield?

The Chill Shield is a foam insert that is designed to shield ice in your cooler from the hot air introduced while opening and closing your cooler lid. It is a fact that the biggest threat to ice in your cooler is hot air. Most cooler manufacturers will tell you to pack your cooler to the top to provide less space for air to gather. The problem, when you start pulling items from your cooler you are introducing and trapping air. The solution, add a Chill Shield. We have designed the Chill Shield to sit on top of your ice and become a barrier between ice and air. Side affect is this also provides you with a place to store food, condiments, snacks, ........ anything you wish to keep dry and cool. Win win right? Our testing shows that by using a Chill Shield, you will gain up to 30% ice retention. Less ice refills and more time enjoying the reason you packed the cooler in the first place.

We are working to expand our line!

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